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Masterschool partners with tech industry leaders to help you build your dream career. Learn online, get unlimited support, and pay no tuition until you find a job.

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How does it work?

Learn from industry experts

Learn directly from industry leaders who know exactly what you need to be successful at the job

No tuition until you’re hired

Pay us nothing until you find a job earning more than $40,000/year.

Dedicated to getting you hired

More than 40 people will be working with you and behind the scenes to get you hired at a great company

You'll be in good company—and working at one too.

Our graduates have a bright future ahead of them because they've found well-paying jobs they love. Are you ready to make a risk-free career change?

Great course and platform, gives you the right supportive environment and deepens your knowledge. The staff is super attentive and helpful. From the professional content to the soft skills lessons, it was all super.

This course not only gave me strong technical skills in data analytics but also helped to build and grow my professional network.

Our graduates work at leading companies worldwide

Anna. Elementor — since 2021

Nil. Exactius — since 2021

A great career is ahead of you

Want us to invest in your career? Apply now and pay only when you get hired.

More than tech skills: Learn to land your dream job

A Career Accelerator is included in every program you take to teach you the soft skills of getting a job.

Perfect your resume

Ace the interviews

Extensive workshops and active support to optimize your resume for automatic/human reviewers. Make sure the hiring company's first impression of you is strong enough to get you an interview.

Passing a job interview requires many different soft skills and prepared answers. You need to tell your personal story, face tricky questions, and solve surprising problems.
Our team will make sure you're prepared for anything.

Build a personal brand

Negotiate a great salary

In the age of social networks, it's all about building a personal brand that stands out. During the Career Accelerator our team will work with you to optimize your LinkedIn page and activate your network to support your personal brand.

Know what you're worth and find the courage to ask for it.
This is a skill often neglected, but it's an important one you'll use every time you change a job.

What our graduates say

Masterschool helped me achieve my dream of becoming a data scientist. When my motivation was low, the team gave me a boost and provided me with numerous career opportunities.

Masterschool's team continually assisted me in developing and improving so that I could become the best version of myself.

Yohan Medalsy Data Science Lead, Huuuge
Yevgeniya GimelfarbData Analyst, Google

Joining a Masterschool training program was probably the best professional decision I ever made. I honestly don’t believe I could have gotten to where I am today without their support.

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Tsahi SharonSenior Business Analyst, Wix

"We all need someone to believe in us. The Masterschool team never failed to believe in me. It was an amazing experience.”

— Olga Yavelskaya, Data Analyst, Moon Active

The best at every step get accepted

Apply & tell us about yourself

Take an admission test

Pass the interview

Tell us about your background and experience.

Take a 30-minute cognitive assessment.

Top candidates will be invited to an online interview.

Pay no tuition until you’re hired

Don’t risk any money. Defer your tuition fee until you find a satisfying job.

Pay only when you succeed

Start paying only after you find a job paying more than $40K a year, in a field closely related to your studies.

Even then, you pay in installments

Your repayment rate will be 10% of your income each month until you have fully paid the tuition.

We’re only making it if you do

If your new job doesn’t work, out we will continue to defer any future payments until you find the right place for you  

Go after your dream career

Frequently asked questions

What is the duration of the program?

The full program contains 7 months of extensive training followed by our 3-month Career Accelerator, where you start your job search. We offer unlimited career coaching and services until you're hired.

How many hours will I need to spend every week?

The program requires a minimum commitment of 15 hours per week.

Is the program 100% online?

The program is 100% online, including a weekly schedule of live events and hundreds of hours of self-learning with access to the worlds leading training platforms.

Do I need to have prior knowledge to apply?

No prior knowledge is necessary to apply. We look for motivation, grit, and aptitude. However, you are expected to have basic computer literacy, high-school level understanding of mathematics, and be comfortable working with numbers.

Will you help me find a job?

Yes, you will get our unlimited and full support until you're hired, with an entire team working to help you get employed.

Our students benefit from 1:1 mentorship, extensive workshops, and active support to improve your resume and LinkedIn profile, activate your network, prepare for interviews, and more.

Getting your first job in tech is hard, but if you're willing to put in the work, we'll support you every step of the way.

What are the terms for Success-Based tuition?

We’ll cover your tuition until you get hired. This means that you'll pay your tuition only after you find a job making more than $40K a year (i.e., $3333 a month). Only then, you will pay 10% of your income each month, until you have fully paid the tuition cost of $15,000.

Five years after you graduate, you will not need to make any additional payments, regardless of how much you already paid. If you didn't find a job earning more than $40,000/year you pay $0.

The total amount you pay for your tuition will be $0-$15,000, depending on your income. You will not make more than 40 monthly payments, even if you didn't pay the full tuition.

What happens if I decide to leave the program?

If you decide to leave prior to the start of the program, or during the first month, you will not be charged beyond the registration fee of $250.

If you decide to leave the program within the second month, your discounted tuition cost will be 25% of the full tuition of $15,000, and if you leave during the third month, you will pay 50% of the full tuition.

Even if you decide to drop out of the program, you will still be eligible to pay your tuition in the success-based model, under the same conditions and based on your income.

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