Masterschool's Orientation course

What it's like to learn with us

Students study full-time for 4 weeks, Monday through Friday

* Current Orientation course weekly schedule 

Students participate 

in 4 sessions each day

2 Online Live Sessions

2 Mandatory Self-Study Sessions

Learn online in small groups with two live study sessions per day, led by instructors. Participate in live demos and challenges and ask questions in real time.

Two blocks of time blocks per day are set aside for self-study, with mentors available to give feedback on assignments.

What’s a live session?

Watch the 2 minute clip

In this 2 minute sneak peek of what it’s like to learn online with Rein, you will get a sense of what a live session at Masterschool is really like.

Watch the full lesson

Watch the full 50 minute lesson on learning how to code with Python - it’s one of our students’ favorite lessons!


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